Dr. Sheila Wynn , Principal

Principal’s Message 2017-2018

It is with great pride that I welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year at the fully accredited Green Run Elementary, home of the Colts! I am honored to start another year as principal of this exceptional school. This is my fourth year at Green Run Elementary and twelfth year as a principal in Virginia Beach City Public Schools. I have had the pleasure to meet with many of you to share ideas, gain insight, and extend welcomes. For those of you that I have not met, I look forward to meeting you.

Transforming the learning process from a traditional teacher-driven effort to a student-centered program is our ultimate goal this school year. Students will make meaningful choices and take purposeful action in their learning. Transformational learning is the active acquisition of knowledge and skills using student-centered practices creating opportunities for children to generate and apply new knowledge across context. This exciting change requires teachers to partner with students and provide them with opportunities to direct their own learning and guide them in setting academic and citizenship goals. 

All of the work that we do for children continues to be grounded in Compass to 2020, Virginia Beach Teaching and Learning Framework and Core Values. It is important to note that the work at Green Run centers on building and sustaining an effective learning environment for every student, every day – a concept that is always at the nucleus of what we do. 

We will continue to implement schoolwide Positive Behavior Interventions and Support ( PBIS) by using resources such as All About the Be’s, ( Be Ready, Be Supportive, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful ). This framework promotes good behavior, positive choices, and focuses on social and emotional development. All the while allowing children to be advocates for their own learning. We must work as a team to guide children toward success! This is accomplished by communicating with your child’s teacher, attending school functions, and assisting your child in understanding the importance of education and cooperation. You, as the parent are a valuable component of your child’s education. 

I am confident that collaborating and partnering with you will ensure that our students have every opportunity for success. The entire staff is committed to providing educational excellence in a safe and nurturing environment, reinforcing social and emotional development. We welcome your support during the school year and look forward to celebrating the many achievements of our students.

Mr. Joseph Whiteside, Assistant Principal

Welcome to Green Run Elementary, home of the Colts. As a team we will work together to honor our traditions and to move forward with student success and pride. Together we will demonstrate our best work habits and citizenship; as we make new friendships and learn new things. We have lots to do and lots to learn.   Our staff will work hard every day to provide a safe, happy and nurturing learning environment for the students. 

Thank you in advance for your involvement and support.