Dr. Wynn

Dr. Sheila Wynn, Principal


August 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians:

I am honored to start another year as principal of Green Run Elementary School. I am thrilled to begin a new year and find that the ebb and flows that each new school year brings is truly exciting! How amazing it is to begin the 2020-2021-year celebrating the recognition of the 2020 Board of Education Highest Achievement Award. Schools were recognized for highest achievement “Accredited” during 2019-2020 (based on performance data from 2018-2019) and demonstrated high levels of success across all of school quality indicators, including success in narrowing achievement gaps. Green Run Elementary School is one of 71 schools in the state earning the award.

This is my seventh year at Green Run and fifteenth as a principal in the Virginia Beach City Public School System. No one could have predicted that we would have virtual learning as an option for the year. Our entire staff is committed to providing educational excellence in a safe and welcoming virtual environment and when it’s safe to do so, face to face instruction in our building will remain a student-centered environment.

As you all know by now, our school year will begin virtually for all children. However, virtual instruction does not interfere with the quality of instruction or engagement; it enhances our efforts as we use our division’s Strategic Action Plan. This is the drive for all we are doing, especially in the following four areas: (1). Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for all children. SEL is a process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions. SEL offers us an opportunity to improve practices, teaching children to make appropriate behavior choices. Providing appropriate SEL becomes even more critical as we begin our school year virtually. (2). The district’s Plan-Teach- Assess curriculum model will continue to drive planning and instructional practices. (3). Engaging all stakeholders in the achievement and support of students with disabilities. (4). The learning environment, which includes starting virtually, makes sure that there is a consistent and deliberate focus on what virtual learning looks, sounds, and feels like. This will be accomplished by reinforcing established routines and procedures that can be implemented at home and when it is safe to return, this process will continue throughout our building. A positive environment, whether virtual or face to face, is built on a culture of positive rapport and mutual respect between teachers and students.

The work we do at Green Run centers around building and sustaining an effective learning environment for every student, every day – a concept that is always at the core of what we do for children. Successful outcomes for students require a committed partnership between home and school and collaborating and partnering with you will ensure that students have every opportunity for achievement. Our entire staff is dedicated and focused on delivering educational excellence in a safe and welcoming learning environment. We are ensuring that students are future-ready by reinforcing VBCPS Graduate Profile and working with children and families in the Academic and Career Planning process throughout students' K-12 careers. The success of this transformative work is the responsibility of all students, parents, and staff.

 Mrs. Wiggins our Assistant Principal, and I, will be providing various Zoom meetings for parents and guardians during the school year to keep communication clear, to keep you informed, and to get your input so we can understand your needs. Another form of communication is our new one stop shop for all division applications and resources, ClassLink now replaces Clever. Students can access all the division supported applications with one click. This will also be the landing page when students log into their Chromebooks. We have upgraded our student monitoring program, Securly, giving teachers the ability to monitor student Chromebooks for engagement and activity, helping to keep students laser-focused on just the applications or websites necessary for class.

During the school year look for information to be shared in various ways such as but not limited to, Alertnow messages, newsletters, and Twitter. Please follow us on our website or Twitter for information about engaging instruction and other events throughout the year. Together we will continue to make Green Run Elementary School a great place to work, learn, and grow.


 Sheila Wynn, Ed.D.


This is my 19th year of education and it is an honor to be a member of the Green Run family!  I am excited to continue working with the Green Run families!  This year I will continue our collaborative work with students academic, social, and emotional needs.  I look forward to meeting your children, family, and the entire Green Run community.

Mrs. Wiggins

Mrs. Wiggins
Assistant Principal